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The Karma of the Moment

Holidays can be hard, especially with our family. Or lack thereof. But we had a surprisingly splendid Thanksgiving. First, at a lovely gathering hosted by Mehgan and Christopher. After an enjoyable afternoon at their place we ventured forth to our annual vegan Thanksgiving, 2009 edition, at the little man’s bio-dad’s house. It was magnificent, as usual. And the rest of the weekend has been pretty swell too.

Friday: The boy insisted on mailing his letter to Santa before anything else. In it he asked for just two things. One, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. And two, a skateboard. But I think Tony Hawk’s Ride for Wii might be a safer option:

Get off the couch and give your thumbs a rest. Tony Hawk: Ride ($120) is a new video game starring the godfather of grinds that utilizes a new hands-free skateboard-like controller. The hoverboard-esque controller packs in accelerometers and motion sensors that get you physically involved in the game, letting you skate around, propel yourself, and trick out just as you would on a normal board. Except no helmet or pads required.

After his letter was properly mailed we went swimming at a nearly empty YWCA. Guess everyone else was out shopping. Then we saw the truly fantastic The Fantastic Mr. Fox (at a theater nowhere near a mall or shopping area of any kind) and enjoyed dinner at E Noodle Cafe. I guess that means I failed at Buy Nothing Day, but ours wasn’t the rampant consumerism sort of spending. Anyhow, when the boy went to bed I continued with my personal Supernatural marathon (I’m nearly done with season two) before turning in myself.

Saturday: Yesterday was spent in pajamas, cleaning and paying bills, before heading out for a walk to our local library. Later we met up with a friend, his daughter and their dogs at Rice Park for a Winter Wonderland tree lighting event (the company and fireworks were cool, the rest was schmaltzy). I then spent my Saturday night curled up with a book I’d grabbed at the library. I wound up reading Frag Box, set in downtown St. Paul, cover to cover in one sitting.

Sunday: This morning began with blueberry pancakes and a Bill & Ted double header. The sequel arrived yesterday via Netflix (but I also ordered a copy for the kid for Xmas). I’d forgotten how awful it really is, but the boy insisted I watch it with him. There were other things I’d wanted to do with my day but I’ve been scaling back our plans because I feel kind of cruddy. Grocery shopping will need to be done at some point but I will be laying low for a spell. Possibly reading Any Which Wall by Laurel Snyder.

And tomorrow it will be back to the grind. Which means no more wearing pajamas until well after noon. Instead I’ll be back to putting pants on by 7:30am. Yuck.

spooky warehouse window

Bonus: Soon I shall take my son to the Ben Franklin exhibit at the Minnesota History Center. Admission to the museum is on the spendy side, but free on Tuesday evenings from 5pm-8pm.
Plus: Think your apartment is small? You won’t after checking out 100 rooms in Hong Kong, each 100 square feet in size.
And:I think self-destruction is honourable.” Oh Morrissey.

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