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Holding A Monster By The Tail

After a weekend wrestling with two monsters - my finances and my creativity impulses - I feel like I have things under control. For the moment. I’m even feeling somewhat inspired. The Lady Cave (aka Womb Room aka Our Den) is in need of some finishing touches. Sadly most of the artwork I’ve been considering is just way out of my price range. But nifty decals are more affordable. And they’ve come a long way. I remember when Blik started out with just a few sets of Space Invaders decals. Those are cool, to be sure, but there’s so much more out there now.

I’m digging all sorts of dandelion wall decals:

And in non-dandelion decals, look at the cute birdie on a branch! And the giraffes! And this big funky tree would look great in my stairwell. But I’ll pass on some of the creepier ones, though they make me smile. Like Nosferatu’s shadow or the Zombies Attack! decals.

Alas, Lady Cave decals are on hold until sometime in the new year. I don’t have the disposable income. And the little man and I put up our Xmas/Festivus tree last night in that room anyhow (locked away from the destructive paws of the deceptively cute Freddy). I also stumbled upon an Octopus I think would make a great tattoo, but again, that has a price tag associated with it. I hate being in broke/broken record mode. But imagination is free. I made a few breakthroughs with the werewolf cop novel over the weekend and hope to continue with the forward momentum, all winter long. From within my cozy Lady Cave.

more lightpainting

Bonus: A kidney transplant is happening in the Twin Cities today, thanks to twitter: A Heartwarming Tale of Internal Organs and Twitter
Plus: Our sysadmin made this great find. A Mission Control mp3 stream. They play low-key ambient electronic music overlaid with live Mission Control traffic from the current shuttle mission. If there isn’t an active shuttle mission, they switch to historic mission control recordings.
And: Save the date - Saturday, December 12th. From 4-10pm:
“Help us raise money to create the tiniest three-story victorian mansion on Medicine Lake. Tiny Shanty is part of the 2010 Art Shanty Projects.”

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  1. amanda wrote:

    man, i really, REALLY wish i could listen to somaFM at work. stupid dial-up! this is awesome.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

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