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Multiple Possible Endings

Halloween is behind us and November is nearly over (Thanksgiving is next week!) which means we’ll barrel right on through the holidays and then BAM, 2009 will be over. And it was a year that was as unpredictably topsy turvy as any in recent memory. The highs of 2009 were downright euphoric but the lows were so very low that I won’t be sad to slam the door on its sorry ass. For 2010 my hopes and goals are the usual suspects. To continue slowing things down and simplifying my life, focusing on my son, and working on growing a thicker skin. But first I have to close out this year. Hopefully as gracefully as possible.

In other news, my dear friend over at Skinny Recipes for Fat People seems to want to fatten me up. This morning she sent me two delicious sounding vegan-safe dessert recipes. One a pomegranate ice kreme, the other a PAMA-infused vegan cheesecake. Want! Though I’m all set for the moment as a co-worker brought in a wacky cake to share today. I just like saying that. Wacky cake. Wacky cake. Wacky cake. Ok, I’ll stop now.

The little man and I are back to our usual routine which means Tuesday night / guy night with the ex for him, and whatever the heck for me. All morning I waffled over my early evening options. Unfortunately I am completely broke until payday. Like, whoops-what-the-hell-happened? broke. Thankfully we’ve got groceries at home and the car has a full tank of gas so we’ll just be taking it easy for the rest of the week. So no movies or shopping or goofing off for me tonight. Just a quiet night of catching up with an old friend instead. And I am all right with that.


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