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Madness Lies in the Details

What a Wednesday. After I brushed my teeth this morning I caught our cat, Freddy, sucking on my damp toothbrush bristles. Gross. After that I wound up the first Clockworker at work. Usually I am second or third on the scene. But there are some simple guidelines for the very first to arrive: 1) Disarm the alarm 2) make coffee. I successfully completed task #2 but fell flat on #1. The security system code I attempted to use was outtdated. By the time I looked up the latest code it was too late. And setting off the office security alarm brought forth an officer of the law. Oops.

Five good and weird things for this weird day:

Skipping out on a couple of shows tonight (Dinosaur Jr and Marissa Nadler at one venue and Blind Shake/STNNNG/Wereworm at another) but really hoping I don’t punk out tomorrow night. The West Bank of Minneapolis will be hosting Vic Chesnutt at The Cedar and Mute Era et al at The Nomad, but the Triple Rock will be home to the wall of sound I need. Fuck Buttons and Growing. Oh yes.

this little guy may induce nightmares

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