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A Piece of the Sky

The boy is back at school today and I’m back at work. Though I arrived this morning only to realize I’d forgotten my laptop and had to double back for it. And my ex who usually takes the lad after school on Tuesdays is out of town. I’m taking advantage of this and dragging the boy out to pizza farm with me tonight. Five good things for this slightly off-kilter Tuesday:

  • I’m excited about the new Swans album, The Seer. And they are allegedly touring. The Minneapolis date I’ve seen is Friday, September 21st. Sadly at the Fine Line…not my favorite venue, but I’ll go.
  • Three things I love combined in a funny way. Portland Cello Project and Alan Sparhawk of Low covering Suicidal Tendencies.
  • Heliotrope was an amazing experience, as always. And I finished editing my photos from Day Two and Day Three. Still a little blissed out from it all.
  • Sunday night we pulled off a surprise party for a friend’s 30th birthday. He hadn’t the slightest inkling it was gonna happen.
  • We were invited to several gatherings for Memorial Day but opted to head West, to spend the day with the boyfriend’s family on their farm. I like farms. The highlight was zipping around their woods in a souped up off-road golf-cart looking thing. My son loved it.

Overall it was an excellent weekend but touched by sadness. I’ve been going to the Walker Community Church for years and years, for social justice related events (particularly the “Pancakes Not Prisons!” breakfasts). I only recently went upstairs, to enjoy a musical performance. Sunday night the church was struck by lightning and gutted by fire. The hollow shell of the building has already been torn down. Hard to believe it’s gone.

Clint, at his family's farm

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