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Double Reverse Reveal

The little man is in the first grade. These days first graders have homework every night (I don’t recall having homework at that age). Nearly every assignment has been math-related. And for the most part he can easily complete these on his own…as long as I am sitting nearby, radiating encouragement. But lately the worksheets include more and more word problems. The lad may be able to read math sentences, but he can’t quite read read yet. We visit the library regularly. We possess an overabundance of children’s books. I read to him daily, and he reads back to me - but only the stories he has memorized. When I was his age I was already reading novels - but I’ve never had his artistic abilities. Still, I think it may be time to check in with his teachers again. And time to perform triage on the old To Do list. Again.


Bonus: Let’s Shoot Something. Sounds like a great idea to me. In other flickr-related news, my photostream rolled over 200,000 views last night. Wacky.
Plus: The other night J and I saw Stranger Than Fiction. I loved it, but he agreed with Professor Hilbert’s assessment of the ending.
And: It may not have googly eyes, like my brave little toaster, but I like this updated version of the appliance.
Also: I’d like to give James a hug.

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  1. Tim wrote:

    The best part of “Stranger Than Fiction” was When the Prof. was quizzing Harold on whether he could be any and all manner of literary/fantasy character. I might have liked it better if i didn;t see it at 10:00pm. I think it’s a middle-of-the-day kind of movie. Too many questions arise that close to bedtime.

    Oh, and congrats on the Flickr milestone. Awesome!

    Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 9:44 pm | Permalink

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