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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Cleanse Area Thoroughly Before Applying

Hey, let’s move on to the happy happy! And kick that off with some top-notch geekery.

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean are doing a reading at the Walker on January 11th. Squeeee! Oh hey, that’s this Thursday already.
CES started today. techfresh is on top of things.
Also starting today, MacWorld. I’m particularly curious about the Apple iPhone.
Arcade [...]

That’s How the Story Ends

Well. That’s that. Sort of. J is all moved into his new apartment and getting settled. My house, strangely enough, doesn’t look so very different. Where I am a packrat he is more of a minimalist…so he didn’t have that much stuff to move. But it’s going to be an interesting transition for the three [...]


One year ago today I was admitted to the hospital. Felix was already gone.

Driven Largely by Raw Emotion

Poor Selina is still at the kitty hospital. I’ll bring her home tomorrow afternoon, after a quick tutorial. The vet will show me how to feed her via syringe. If it’s Fatty Liver Disease this regular forcefeeding could just do the trick. If it’s not…well, I don’t want to consider the alternative right now.

Bonus: Meet [...]

Train Wrecks and Love Songs

Maybe my life isn’t like one train wreck after another. More like it’s filled with frequent fender benders. Each little crash, in and of itself, isn’t devastating. Just stressful. Each causes a spike of adrenaline and a temporary loss of forward momentum. It’s all fits and starts. Sadly 2007 is starting off no differently. When [...]

Another Year of Endless Consumption

Enough with the pity party already. Time for a fresh start. Maybe I’m feeling a bit more optimistic because I finally got out of my pajamas for the first time in days and took a shower. Go me.
Speaking of a fresh start…at long last I decided it was time. Time to retire my relic [...]