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Driven Largely by Raw Emotion

Poor Selina is still at the kitty hospital. I’ll bring her home tomorrow afternoon, after a quick tutorial. The vet will show me how to feed her via syringe. If it’s Fatty Liver Disease this regular forcefeeding could just do the trick. If it’s not…well, I don’t want to consider the alternative right now.


Bonus: Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen - an interview by Terry Gross on Fresh Air.
Plus: Preshunk posts Pwn’d, one of the best Batman t-shirts I’ve ever seen. In other superhero news, Sketching a Toy Model using Spider-Man. Neat.
And: Eating In, interesting short fiction from a strange kind of madness (one of my fine flickr contacts is behind it).

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  1. monica wrote:

    Hey there: my cat had feline hepatic lipidosis a couple of years ago. He lost half his weight in about a week. He is back up to 22 lbs now. That force feeding stomach tube thing really works. They figure it out that you are helping them. We had to put him in a baby onesie to hold his tube close to his body, we knew he was feeling better when he decided not to wear the thing any more.

    Saturday, January 6, 2007 at 9:49 am | Permalink

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