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Dreams Inevitably Lead To Hideous Implosions

Oddly enough, some of my plans of yesterday seem to be panning out. First, my efforts to keep the little man away from the computer(s) worked out. After he came home from school we headed to Lookout Ridge, where he happily cavorted about for two hours. When we returned home we encountered a neighbor boy, so we had another hour or two of activity outside, sledding down the hill in our backyard (at long last the snow has been compacted enough, and has attained the right texture for proper play). It may have been a little too much, though. He was overtired last night, woke up with bad dreams, and today just wants to layabout. I’ll have to keep in mind, moderation is the key. As for the other plan, grandma greenlighted it, so the husband and I have booked the Ecovista room for his birthday next month. While poking around to see what all is happening in Madison I found something out. David Sedaris will be on tour in the Spring. The closest he’ll come to Minneapolis happens to be Madison. And on only two of his tour dates will Sarah Vowell be accompanying him. One of them happens to be, you guessed it, the Madison date, on April 16th. I haven’t been to Madison in, oh, six or seven years. But now I’m contemplating two trips in 2005. Go figure. Also, Sassy suggested a visit to the infamous House on the Rock. I can’t believe I’d forgotten about it. All these years I’ve known about it, and have never gotten a chance to check it out (even after reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, like, a few times over). Sadly it’s closed until March, but it wouldn’t be the husband’s sort of thing anyhow. Maybe if I do get back there for Sedaris, I could swing by. Hmmm.
Bonus: Now for a little weekend roundup. The Thermals will be gracing the Triple Rock’s stage tomorrow, and The Incredibles makes a move over to my favorite second-run theater. Also, the Oxboro Library is hosting a free event tomorrow afternoon…a performance by the Manduhai Family Circus, known for their skills in oriental foot and hand juggling, hula hooping, and hand balancing. Going anywhere, however, is contingent upon getting our car back from the shop today. I guess we could still take the bus down to some winter carnival events, though.
Plus: Normally I’m not one to point out advertising, but occasionally I come across something worth looking at. VW has taken Gene Kelly’s dance number from “Singing in the Rain” and digitally, uh, updated it. Ah, “Breakdancin’ In The Rain” (via Coudal).

Central Park in Woodbury, MN