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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Leaps and Bounds

My son’s hair is now longer than mine. This would be fine if he did a better job of controlling his locks. Instead he’s nearly looking feral these days. But in other ways he’s become a far more civilized creature than he once was. He’s gotten better at controlling his impulsivity but I worry it [...]

Concentration and Compartmentalization

Life is change. Obviously. That’s one constant I was aware of at a very young age. But I’ve always attempted to provide my son with a cushion of stability, boy-in-the-bubble style. Unfortunately change keeps on butting in. Two weeks ago we found out - out of the blue - that the kiddo’s charter school is [...]

In a Blind-Men-Describing-An-Elephant Way

There are more substantial posts in the works but I can’t seem to complete them. My days have been long and distraction-filled and my brain seems to have turned to mush (I am not alone in this). Maybe the impending Spring thaw will get my synapses sparking. But lately? By the time I get home [...]