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Dulling the Sense of Urgency

Some days the parenting, it feels like being thrown into a three-ring circus. You wake up on some random Wednesday but then the perils appear. Before you know it you’re walking the highwire. And then someone flings in a flaming hoop to jump through for good measure. All while trying to juggle the work-work and freelance side jobs that may or may not happen. It can be a bit much. Today’s troubles started with the school calling…to say my son’s backpack never made it to school. The urgent concern was over his missing lunch, which was inside of it. Only later I realized the Nintendo DS is in there too. The backpack wasn’t in the car and the school bus company claims they haven’t got it. I’m really hoping it is at home and wasn’t left behind on the corner at the school bus stop (otherwise it’s gone baby gone). The boy was so fixated with dressing up as a leprechaun this morning that everything else fell by the wayside. Thankfully my ex offered to run a replacement lunch over to the school. After that crisis was partially averted I received another phone call. This time from the St. Paul School District’s placement center. There isn’t room for us in the school of our choice for Fall. And the option they are offering us is a shitty shitty one. Very discouraging.

But at least I have my lovely co-workers and other happy distractions. Like:

We’ll be having a relatively quiet St. Patrick’s Day night. I’ve promised to make vegan-style green eggs and ham for dinner. And I plan to peruse hyperlocavore and other sites for Spring gardening/planting ideas.

Christian's had enough of my camera

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  1. Heather wrote:

    That Chat Roulette was seriously the best thing ever.

    As is that cathouse!! It makes me want to have cats and an awesome apartment. ;)

    Friday, March 19, 2010 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

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