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Bruce Wayne Is The Mask, Not Batman

Happy Halloween! Wow. It is the last day of October already. A quick assessment. No, I did not make it to the NaNoWriMo kickoff party Friday night, but I did make it into my pajamas by 8pm. I should have spent the evening hanging out with the husband, before he headed out for his trip, but I was too busy with the sleeping. What else? I am no luddite. I have even worked in tech support (not that that is saying much, necessarily) but I was repeatedly thwarted by technology over the weekend, which figures, with the husband, my personal tech support specialist, now in California. First, on Friday, I’d plugged my cell phone into its charger overnight but in the morning I found it had been unable to charge…after I had left the house. I’d also plugged in my new iPod, to format it, and during setup I managed to fatfinger something and accidentally set it to “Dansk” instead of English. Doh. And, just before he left, the husband was upgrading the server software behind the Squeezebox wireless music player, and rendered it completely useless. Oops, gotta run, see you, bye. Umm, thanks. So I had to lug our giantass ancient boombox back down to the kitchen, the one that is nearly as big as the little man, just to have something to listen to while I prepared for yesterday’s little pumpkin carving party. And it was on the little side, which was all right. We had a much smaller turnout than we do to most of our events. A lot of friends were out of town or overbooked for the day. A few, I realized later, I had neglected to invite or to remind. But we had a total of 13 peeps in the house (including resident humans) which is an auspicious number for a Halloween event. And our resulting jack-o-lanterns were silly and scary or somewhere in between. And one of the cutest moments of the evening was after everyone had gone. The little man went out to the front porch…to say goodnight to our pumpkins.
Bonus: I have to figure out the best way to make use of a Big Brain Comics gift certificate. What a dreadful dilemma, I know. Squeee! Anyhow, at the top of my list is Ex Machina. Any other suggestions?
Plus: I know, I know, I’ve been making with the NaNoWriMo references left and right, but it begins tomorrow, for reals. Posting may be light around here. Then again, it may not be.
And: Full photoset on flickr.