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And Time Began Seriously To Pass

Where are the brakes? I am, oddly enough, not ready for today to be Friday. Tonight is the local NaNoWriMo kickoff event.
Tomorrow morning the husband flies out to Palo Alto, for a week on business, with at least one trip to Maggie Mudd planned.
Sunday the little man and I are hosting a pumpkin carving party and potluck.
Monday is Halloween.
And Tuesday, ack, sees the start of National Novel Writing Month itself.
I am already feeling woefully ill-prepared and as though I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, as usual. And that the husband should be gone during the first week of Nano, when my novel will be in its infancy, well, talk about triumph over adversity if I actually make it to the finish line this year. Last night the little man crawled into bed with us, turned around the wrong way, and kicked me in the chin for about an hour, keeping me awake around this time. Tonight I have no excuse…so maybe this will become my daily writing hour during Nano. Sigh.

Bonus: Receptionista’s hitting the road, jack. Best wishes on the journey to her new home.
Plus: Zak Sally has quit Low. Umm, again. I think it’s for real this time. But the show must go on. Tickets are on sale for their special holiday show in the main room, on December 9th.
And: The below photo is of one of the little man’s teeny tiny old shoes, that is really much smaller than it looks, that was found at the back of my closet during what will be forever known as The Great Purge of ‘05.

little man relic