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Only The Occasional Vocal Interjection

Last night the little man asked for a goodnight peck on the cheek, but then pulled away abruptly, demanding to know just what was wrong with my lips. Ah, the bluntness of youth. My lips are chapped, I told him. Why, he wanted to know. It’s the sudden cold and dry weather, I said. That, and the lack of abundant, reliable vegan lip balm options.

This morning, while quietly waiting in line at my neighborhood coffee shop, a little old man informed me that I’m “awful pretty.” Then he paused, and noted that the “awful” part didn’t sound like much of a compliment so he decided to change it to “you’re very pretty.” I thanked him, giggling all the while. Also sweet (and sweeeeeet, dude) there were so many vegan baked goods to be had, I had difficulty choosing from the varieties. I went with the cherry strudel and it was quite tasty.

On the topic of vegan sweets, our good friends over at Compasstionate Action for Animals put together this vegan-friendly Halloween Candy guide. For me, personally, this meant that I could print off the list and then go out and buy Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters (and we get a lot of them) without having to stand in the aisle reading the ingredients off of every bag. I simply consulted my list then snatched a corresponding bag off the shelf. It was a much simpler method.