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Where People Prepare Themselves For Human Encounters

Somehow I talked the husband into going to The Decemberists show last night…in my place. I was feeling far too craptacular to go. The plan had been for me to attend, and for him to stay home with the little man, as is the homebody husband’s preference with these things. But last night my preferred plan, as it is has been of late, was to go home and crawl into bed, long before the band would even have taken the stage (damned drogas). Still, I’m amazed I talked the man into going. It was with our mutual friend, yes, but it was the husband’s first live music show since, oh, back in 2002, when we saw Low play at the Pantages Theater.
Bonus: Congratulations to Julie and Michael! I heartily endorse the elopement route, for its simplicity, and lack of stress. And having also been married by a representative of the Universal Life Church, with their free online ordination, well, that part never ceases to amuse me.
Plus: I loved la Coquette anyway, but she earns bonus points with her funny Skype story.
And: Making Fiends has posted a special little Halloween treat.
And another thing: Just knowing that there is a vegan-friendly restaurant out there, in Canadia, named TofuLand, well, it gives me the warm fuzzies.

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