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Pearl of Wisdom

We survived our trip to California (and I don’t just mean because Los Angeles was rattled by two 4.5 quakes within ten hours, right after we left). Our interpersonal relationships are intact. The three of us spent an awful lot of time together in confined spaces and all is still well. We had many adventures - some well documented, others not - and the bulk of the trip photos are up on flickr here (I have yet to finish editing the family wedding photos). I plan to post a more thorough trip round up on my photography blog. Soon.

Five good things:

Five terrifying or creepy things:

  • Food for thought: How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking
  • File under NOT IF YOU PAID ME - “Animatronic Hillbilly Family Musicians
  • I’ve been to Iceland twice but only just learned about the Icelandic Phallological Museum. There’s even a documentary about it called The Final Member. Oof.
  • This, so totally this: Glass-Bottom Pool Hangs Over Side Of 24-Story Hotel - “Admittedly, that is pretty cool, I just don’t know if I could brave it. The truth is, I’m scared of heights. And drowning. And, since we’re on the subject, ghosts. Also, things that are unusually compartmentalized on the inside like honeycombs and pomegranates. No word how often they have to close the pool for cleaning because somebody shat in it.”
  • Also from Geekologie - “The Octopus is a product design from AtelierBLINK, a two-woman creative team out of France. The chair is made out of recycled jeans that can be buttoned together in a number of different forms, to ensure that your living room will look as ridiculous as you want it to. It’s filled with polystyrene balls and looks scary, which make it the Octopus Beanbag Chair Of Death. It nonchalantly wraps its Levi 32″ tentacles around you until you’re immobile, then releases a school of dreaded trouser eels to finish you off.”

The beautiful and talented Dum Dum Girls are playing at the Triple Rock tonight. I hope to make it, if I’ve gotten caught up enough on my To Do list. Tomorrow night we attend a Circus Juventas performance. Friday night there’s a family game night at work and about a bajillion good shows are happening. And Saturday I’m most likely dragging my son out to the Square Lake Festival. Next week he’s back to the airport and off for an extended visit with the grandparents. And in just a few more weeks we’ll settle into a whole new routine, with the beginning of the school year and a much earlier start than we’ve ever had. Life being change and all.

parker on the rocks

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