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Monthly Archives: September 2002

(that’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace

I need to check into Low news more often. Neglect their website for a couple of weeks and all kinds of stuff happens. Their new album, “Trust“, comes out in just a couple of weeks - yay! Heard one of the singles, “Canada”, on Radio K today. And Low (mostly Alan, and a little [...]

Anticlimactic Phlebotomy

Now I’m thoroughly frustrated. The bloodmobile came down to my office today. For years I’ve been wanting to give blood. I know the need firsthand. Over the nine months my brother was hospitalized he had many, many blood and plasma transfusions. So I’ve long known I should donate. But one thing or another came [...]

The Nimbus 2000

Let me reiterate, Neil Gaiman’s weblog must be read regularly. He frequently points out amusing little gems. Like this one. Be sure to carefully read the descriptions/reviews. User comments like this one: “I’m 32 and enjoy riding the broom as much as my 12 yr old and 7 year old. The vibrations, along with [...]

Not Quite Cutting Edge

Recently I’ve obtained several new toys. Each acquisition was more or less unplanned, considering the state of my finances. But somehow their time had come. Toy #1: Over the years I’ve had a couple of cell phones. This past year I’d gone without, trying to save money. But recently I’d been getting too paranoid, [...]

Looking Forward To Falling Back

Fall is fast approaching. This is a good thing. It’s my favorite time of year here. And among the few reasons I haven’t moved away yet. Soon it will be sweater weather. It will be time to stow away the flip-flops and to be rid of mosquitoes and hayfever for another year. It’s going [...]

Momming The Mom

I thank my lucky stars for the close friends I’ve got. Today one in particular, goddess that she is, gave me some practical advice that may seem obvious…but I was in such pain it never would have occurred to me. Here it is. ——————————————- Okay: #1: Eat something filling for lunch #2: [...]

An Honest Answer

Each time the question was posed to me this morning, I dismissed it with the polite “it was fine” or a non-commital “awright”. But how was my weekend? Really? Let me break it down.The good: We had decent end-of-summer weather all weekend. I got acquainted with my new camera (photos coming soon). Had some [...]