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Too Much Is Never Enough

The past couple of weeks have been a blur. Too much activity combined with prolonged ooginess. When I try to boil it down this is what floats to the top:
august moon (attempted and thwarted). the birthday party. btvs premiere anticipation. cohabitation experimentation. contacting no-kill shelters (poor crazy kitties). introduction to flonase. hop-fu envy. kinhdo. located the wayward hulk. lunch-packing. meth lab (you had to be there). monkey suit. monsters, inc. nebulizer usage. new toys. old friends. overworking. playground time. potty-training pandemonium. pre-school. punch. queens of the stone age. schoolhouse rock. seward. sinus infection. spirited away. sweater weather. ultraman. urgent care clinic visits. wallace and gromit. woody and buzz, reunited (and it feels so good…or something).

Parker's third birthday