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With Strange Arithmetic

Late last week two extra-curricular opportunities came my way. And I wouldn’t have gotten in on one without the other. So I just want to give yet another big shout out to flickr friends! The first, the delightful Dels, mentioned that a co-worker of his enjoyed my photos so much he’d like me to photograph his twin boys. Not knowing what to charge for such a sitting, I turned to M Gill for advice. She had some extremely useful thoughts on the subject, and also extended an invitation to me…to help her shoot a wedding in November. She had me at hello, but then she went on to say “I’m a huge fan of your macro abilities, as well as your eye for details that not everyone notices” and I was sold! Seriously, it sounds like an awesome opportunity. I’m totally stoked, except for one little thing. It’s the same day as the Fifth Annual Lunch Show. But I’ll make it work. Somehow. Maybe it’s time for that cloning machine. Ooh, isn’t that a scary thought? Multiple Sharyns running around the city wreaking hyperactive havoc? Mouhahaha!

the good life

Bonus: Ok, I don’t smoke nor do I condone smoking so I can’t quite explain why a smoking bunny is so damned cute. But twice today I’ve seen this character. Once, via a flickr contact’s photos. Then a friend pointed out the hoodie version. In my favorite color and everything.
Plus: I guess there are parts of London where I am most certainly not allowed.
And: Despite two days in a row of Freddy photos, I swear this is not going to turn into cute overload. But I am totally smitten with that little boy.

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