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Objects of My Affection

This week’s new music Tuesday was happy-making. I’m a longtime Dan Snaith fan and Andorra doesn’t disappoint. I’m excited to see Caribou when they play the Triple Rock in November. I missed them at the Fine Line a while back, with Super Furry Animals, even though a friend offered me a free ticket - still kicking myself.

Also picked up the new M.I.A. on Tuesday. It is understandably uneven, given that she was essentially homeless and traveling the globe for a year (due to visa problems) while recording on the fly wherever she was. But it is enjoyable. A friend who isn’t a fan called her a “jingle girl for car commercials” and I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently Galang made its way into a Honda Civic Si ad. Huh.

That evening I was able to enjoy Dark Dark Dark, performing at the lovely 331 Club. Turns out they’ll be playing some sets around town at some places I regularly spend my time. Like Caffetto and Seward Cafe. Neat.

My new favorite song/video is something that came out over a year ago, but I totally missed it. Until now. Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn & John. And speaking of videos…Andrew Bird’s Imitosis is up now. I’m glad there’s a shot of him performing sans shoes, as he routinely does. That always makes me smile.

Clockworkers in arms

Bonus: Totally excited to see The Octopus Project with Stereo Total. In the Entry, on September 1st. Haven’t gotten Paris < -> Berlin yet, though. Also, The Clientele are playing with PB&J, in the mainroom, on September 24th. Too bad it’s a Monday night. Bleah.
Plus: This is dorky, but I’m excited about Whitehouse Custom Colour’s upcoming open house.
And: I get to go out tomorrow night. To see STNNNG at the Hexagon, but beforehand I’m definitely going to catch a movie. The only question now…something in the Sound Unseen festival, a freebie at Block E (where the projectors frequently break down) or something a la Landmark?

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