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Raising Confirmation Bias to an Art Form

Eight years of muscle memory, combined with my inherent clumsiness, are conspiring against me. Last week I had our front steps torn out and replaced. They are now up to code, which means they are up two inches higher. After living here so long my body automatically distributes its weight to meet the steps that were. Not the steps that are. It’s amazing I haven’t done a faceplant yet. And just the week before that I had our sad old refrigerator replaced. It was a side by side model. My hands still reach for the ghost handles in the center, rather than the actual single handle on the far left. I’m starting to feel like the befuddled shopkeeper, Mr. Collignon, who was tormented by Amélie’s pranks. Hopefully I’ll adjust before too long.

the flowers out front that I've managed to keep alive

Bonus: Been uploading a slew of photos to flickr, as usual. A set from our first Saint Paul Saints game (the little man loved it), a set of outtakes from a little project I shot for work, photos of some Clockworkers gearing up for a lunchtime bike ride, and a few photos from Lani’s birthday party. Also? I put together a collection of My Peeps. It’s a work in progress.
Plus: Things that have made me happy today? This wonderfully cool weather, promo shots from the Batman Dark Knight movie, and the little man dressing up in his Halloween costume.
And: Tonight I’m skipping the Square Lake Solstice Festival and Jay Ryan’s poster show opening party at First Amendment Arts. But being in my pajamas in bed just feels so good right now. Going to curl up with a book soon.

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  1. Joe wrote:

    Very nice work. By the way, Clockwork’s motto should be “No politics, no bureaucracy, no muck.” Very funny. :P

    Sunday, August 19, 2007 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

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