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Wasting Cake and Paper

The last few years, when my birthday rolls around, I feel a twinge of guilt thinking of Patton Oswalt’s bit about birthdays. “You are only allowed 20 birthdays.” (They are 1-10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, and then every ten years after.) But this year, oh, this year. My birthday was LEGIT. I turned 40. That part still floors me. I keep growing older (as does my son) yet I never quite feel like a grown up. And that is ok. Especially since this birthday was the best I’ve had in years. Possibly the best ever. Thanks, in large part, to my wonderful boyfriend. And a large group of friends who have been willing to indulge me. I’ve gone a little overboard with birthday week this year.

Sunday: I had a backyard brunch / hangout which we dubbed “Feel the Burn” as we put our friends’ Xmas wreath into the firepit. Wow what a fire! And who needs eyebrows anyway? And my dear friend Manny performed in the backyard, as Hack. It was lovely.

Monday: Dropped my son off for camp in the morning. It’s usually a day camp. But this year his group, the older kids, got to head off on a four day trip to a camp at Wisconsin Dells. So that evening the mister and I indulged in a ridiculously rich and late dinner at the 112 Eatery. Neither of us had been before and we ordered far too many dishes to try. Most were excellent (particularly the swordfish with mint chimichurri, and the butterscotch budino - wow). We had boxes of leftovers but I left feeling overly full. I still felt full when I woke in the morning. Which was far too early…

Tuesday: My birthday. The boyfriend and I both took the day off from work. Unfortunately the mister forgot to disable his phone alarm. And he had it set to go off *much* earlier than usual. So on my birthday, a day where I didn’t have to take care of my out-of-town son or get up for work, I was rudely awaken at 5:30am. I nearly cried. I don’t fall back to sleep easily. Thankfully the day was salvaged. It was gorgeous. Perfect, calm weather after too many wild storms. I called my Dad, Werewolf Cop, to wish him a Happy Birthday (I was born on his 29th). I opened some fabulous gifts (good good books, funny cat t-shirts, concert tickets). Then we watched a season three episode of Game of Thrones. Eventually I felt hungry enough to head to Modern Times just before the breakfast menu ended. Errands were run and suddenly it was time to get ready for our pizza farm adventures. A couple of friends came to our house and we loaded up the car. We were meeting several other groups of friends there. Our parties arrived at staggered intervals but we had a healthy sized group - about two dozen friends total. The wait wasn’t long for our pizza. And that was consumed with beverages under clear skies. But bam, it was a race against the clock to get back to the Twin Cities. To pick up my amazing Izzy’s ice cream cake (that the boyfriend ordered for me) en route my show at the Hex. I felt like a jerk, showing up halfway through the first band’s set, but otherwise it was a great show.

Wednesday: We’d gotten to bed so late but sadly I wasn’t able to sleep in too late, because I’m old now. But I did work from home. And worked my way through leftovers. Didn’t get dressed until late afternoon, to go pick up my CSA box from the co-op. We considered going out to a movie but we wound up staying in to finish off season three of Game of Thrones. The last two episodes. Which I, apparently, got quite worked up about. And now we have to wait along with everyone else for season four. Boooo.

Thursday: Back to routine. Went into the office. Cranked away through work requests. A co-worker brought me a French silk pie for my birthday. At the end of the day I left to retrieve my son from the camp’s bus stop. After four days away from home he was tired, stinky, hot, hungry and a little bit crabby. I handed him a chilled water bottle and whisked him away to Grand Shanghai for his favorite dinner - broccoli & tofu with a side of vegetable dumplings. And drew a bath for him as soon as we got home. Later I’m back out for a friends’ band’s show, to hang out with out of town friends. Friends who flew into town today because of my ridiculous 2nd birthday show on Saturday at the Turf.

Friday: Too many BBQs, shows and hangouts to choose from for tomorrow night.

Saturday: A busy one. Need to make an early visit to the passport office with the kid. Then on to a family function with the boyfriend. Then to drop my son with his bio-dad while I head to my big show at the Turf. And stay out too late. Things are likely to get out of hand. And one of the bands is demanding another ice cream cake, since Tuesday night’s show got one. Yes, we will chillibrate. And then my birthday celebrations will finally come to an end for 2013.

Natasha and I in color-coordinating dresses

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