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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Perfectly Normal Paranoia

“I never did get the hang of Thursdays.” –Douglas Adams
Yesterday I’d had a decent enough day and had been looking forward to a productive evening. Parker and I planned to have a push-up contest when we got home, before hitting up the Wii Fit for our daily workouts. But I realized that fresh batch of [...]

A Compelling Unknown Force

As aforementioned, New Year’s Day 2010 was most lovely. Here are photos to prove it. The second and third days of the year were also dandy. But our return to routine has been utterly graceless. We’ve managed to barrel through the week, despite circumstances beyond our control. Like the Monday morning closure of the High [...]

Ecstatic Dread

So here we go again. Another new year. I am still refraining from making any resolutions. No need to set myself up for failure. But I do have a handful of solid, achievable goals. And I’m already making some headway with each:

Continue helping my son, as best as I can, in becoming more comfortable with [...]