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Holding The Dark With The Light

A wintry Monday in Minnesota can be rough enough. But when you factor in the additional minor irritants, oy. Another earring went missing so I’ve got naked earlobes plus the bad road conditions made bad drivers worse plus friends and co-workers were all glum over the Vikings loss plus reading that I hold depression and sadness in my armpits was weird plus there were obnoxious teenagers in the hot tub at the Y plus there was my son telling me I’ve got hippo hips and the final straw? Attempting to stop by Punch Pizza for their free pizza offer and finding the line wending around the block in the cold and the dark. Abysmal. So it was with great pleasure we returned home to find not one but two delightful pieces of mail from friends.

First, a lovely Happy New Year postcard from Dan Black of Landland, featuring a swimming pool, which was funny as we’d just gone swimming.

Secondly, a care package from my friend Cathy Camper containing her Sugar Needle zine and some truly amazing handcrafted vegan truffles from Missionary Chocolates in Portland (where Cathy lives now). Holy crap the vanilla salted caramel was heavenly! And the almond roll thingie! I only took little nibbles out of a couple of them but I could easily have devoured them all whole. Trying my best to savor them but the self-control thing can be hard. And yeah, I’m secretly pleased there are flavors that Parker wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Like meyer lemon and mint and coffee. Those are mine, all mine!

Also happy happy? There are new Haikus of Regret from our faves, Squid and Frog! #11, #12 and #13.

And I started poking around tumblr again, tweaking mine a little but mostly to follow others. Got sucked into that swirling vortex late last night and was worried I wouldn’t get out again. Especially when I wound up in Modern Cat land. Crazy-cat-lady-dom, here I come!

And another thing! I was just reminded of the Art Sled Rally this Saturday at Powderhorn Park. It’s the same day/time as the Saint Paul Saints game but I think it can be said that Art Sleds > outdoor winter baseball. Oh the things we do to survive the long winters, and to convince ourselves that Minnesota is worth living in, despite the cold.

Twilight in Wonderland

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