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Striving For Failure

We’ve been particularly busy lately, with our social lives set to juggernaut mode. But sometimes that’s preferable to hiding and hibernating throughout the long winter. All or nothing! Finally going through the backlog of hundreds of photos I’ve taken this last week and recounting our adventures for posterity’s sake. In reverse order…last night we hung out with the lovely Maria, who is in town from Berkeley, and her adorable siblings. That was after an afternoon spent at the Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake. Highlights here and the full photoset here.

Saturday was extra hectic. The boy stayed over with the ex, for the first time in months, so I crammed in far too many activities. Haircut at Rouge Salon, The Book of Eli (with its WTF ending), dinner with friends at Ginger Hop (good food but overpriced small portions and bonus terrible service), a ridiculously crowded art opening at Fox Tax Gallery, a brief stop at a bday party for my boss at the also crowded Bulldog NE, then over to Uptown for The Chambermaids / Red Pens show at an also packed Sauce Soundbar. It was nothing but armpit all night (I’m so short, I’m generally trapped at the armpit level of others) but still an enjoyable evening. Until I got home to find a court summons, courtesy of my jerkwad neighbors who want to sue me over tree branches. Pffft.

I’d been looking forward to my lady date for the Low show Friday, but the band canceled. Instead our friends had us over to check out their new house and the little man was full on hyper until midnight. Exhausting. And he’d been up late-ish Thursday night, at Clockwork’s “Learn to Sew” workshop.

Last week’s news, but still of interest:

Lastly…while reading about this research that links autism to sound processing delays I couldn’t help but nod my head. Yep, this sounds like my son. Sometimes I wish the world would just slow down a little to let him catch up. And today we are slowing down, finally. We’re home for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. And planning to take care of business around the house. The first order of business? Locating some teeth. The boy woke up and informed me that two of his baby teeth fell out in the night. Hmm.

playing Battleship at Caffetto

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