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From Darkness Into Darkness

Daylight saving time always messes me up. Doesn’t matter if it’s springing ahead or falling back. My internal chronometer has trouble reconciling the new reality with the time my body thinks it is. It’s worse than jet lag. At least that involves the adventure of a journey - instead of staying in the same place while collectively agreeing on the fiction of a new time. Not the sort of time travel I find compelling. I’ve been flailing all week. And trying not to drown in the dire news cycles. But there have been some random beacons of hope in the murk.

Five glimmers of light in the gloom:

I’m closing out this weird week with some pretty big news. Something I had been cautiously optimistic about. And I’m curious how it will continue to unfold. But I can’t go public with that just yet. Though I may be squeeeeing on the inside a bit.

Olive knows she is not supposed to be on the table

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