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Big Brother Is Everywhere

I don’t get it. So our pres doesn’t support firearms ‘fingerprinting‘, citing privacy issues. But other invasions of privacy are wholly acceptable. A fellow listmember just posted this bit of news in an email:
“The University is required by federal law to report your Social Security number and other pertinent information to the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to the reporting requirements imposed by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The University also will use the Social Security number you provide to verify your identity. Social Security number disclosure is mandatory. This notification is provided to you as requested by the Federal Privacy Act of 1974.”
He wonders:
The IRS needs to know who’s taking ‘Unix System Administration I’?
Messed up. And how about that Patriot Act? The government’s worried about what I may be googling, for pete’s sake, but a national database of gun owners is deemed a preposterous invasion of privacy (must be GW’s NRA buddies whispering in his ear). What about databases for vehicle owners? Those have been standard for years. And have aided authorities in apprehending people…like those who have used their vehicles to injure others, then fled the scene of the crime. I can see where a database of gun owners could be similarly helpful. My main point, though, is please be consistent. Don’t tell us you’re worried about privacy issues, when that clearly isn’t so. If it is, repeal the flipping Patriot Act. Otherwise quit your whining.