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Surreality Check

Good morning crazy fucking world. Every so often I find myself in this odd spot. My awareness heightened. Suspended between a dawning reality, and a looming surreality, about to fully blossom. It won’t last long though. Soon I’ll be pushed over the edge and my coping mechanism will kick in…giving me little choice but to shrug it off and carry on. Yes, humans have always inflicted terrible violence upon one another. But it doesn’t make it any less horrifying. And lately it seems to be happening everywhere. And some of it so randomly (well, aside from Israel’stargeted killings“). I started my day off by reading one chilling article followed by another. Serial snipers, bombings, assassinations, impending wars. With Iraq, yes, but also more violence in the Ivory Coast, killings in Gujarat, India, and tensions running high in Northern Ireland. It’s all too much. I don’t know if there is any comfort to be had in this reporter’s fatalistic attitude. For once, I don’t have the words.