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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Curious Intersections

Congratulations to Zophia and her groom! The little man and I had a grand old time celebrating their big day…by jumping in and out of a beautiful lake repeatedly. I’m so glad I brought our swimming stuff along. And Maria was a most excellent co-pilot on the drive there and back.
There are so many old [...]

Rapidly Dwindling Enthusiasm

I’m currently in my new bedroom, which was my old bedroom (the walls are a different color since the last time this was my bedroom), with the window a/c unit cranked while I lay about on most of my new bed (the headboard is large and heavy and still downstairs). The room that was more [...]

The Most Ambiguous Body Language

Sometimes when I go look at my contacts page on flickr there’s a strange synchronicity, an unspoken theme that all the photogs seem to be grooving on. It could be cupcakes or kitty cats, concert shots or…breasts. Yeah, often there are a lot of boobs involved. But not always in the way you might think. [...]

Rational Human Limits

Thanks to a potent combination of hormones and a summer cold, I am a weepy sniffling feverish mess. Have had to cancel all of our weekend plans - the getting-things-done plans as well as the fun ones - and force myself to stay in bed instead. Even confining myself to bed, the damned room won’t [...]