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Star of the North

Minnesota apologists will claim this is just a normal winter, like the kind we had when we were kids. But no. This extreme weather has all been happening in a more condensed window. We’ve already endured the 4th snowiest February on record and it’s only the 12th of the month. Minnesotans are complaining on social media about having nowhere else to put the snow when clearing sidewalks and driveways. And most of this snow came after the brutal cold snap that shut down all the schools for days. This winter has been a mix of hunkering down at home, then poking our heads out when it’s safe, to resupply. But life is more than just survival, even up here in the frozen North Star State. Thankfully I made it out for a friend’s birthday party Saturday night. Sure, I’ve enjoyed bands in a variety of venues but in a hockey arena? That was a first. Particularly the hockey arena across the street from the house I grew up, in the suburbs. That’s where I first strapped on my own ice skates at an early age, and on a regular basis (at one point I was able to skate backwards). It was a nostalgia filled evening and loads of fun. Especially seeing our friends’ bands play there. Including the birthday girl’s band, McVicker.

Five More Good Things:

Sunday we had our friends’ wedding to attend but more blizzarding happened. My son and I made baked goods for the reception and had hoped to get a Lyft down to the venue, since the roads were terrible. And there are no snow day cancellations for weddings! Not in Minnesota anyhow. But no Lyft drivers would heed our call. Thankfully some good friends live nearby, were also going to the wedding and have an AWD vehicle with good tires. The timing worked out just right and they were able to transport us - and our cookies and ginger-pear crisp - to the wedding in time. Phew. Too many close calls lately. And what a wedding it was. Short but sweet ceremony, favorite friends everywhere, fright prop photo booth, karaoke and more. So glad we made it.

Emma at her birthday party

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