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Treble In Trouble

I’m no rock and roll fun. For weeks I’d been looking forward to the Ted Leo show. J graciously agreed to stay home with the little man so I could attend. I set out to spread the word…nearly evangelical in my encouragement of others to go (or to pick up the new release, at the very least). Then the day of the show arrived. It was a Monday. I’d slept poorly. And woken up with a sore throat. “No” I was screaming to myself. In my head, of course…wouldn’t want to wake J with any kind of racket in the morning. Uh, yeah. And “this can’t be! The show! What about the show?!” I perservered. For a bit. Got the kiddo to school and myself to work. As the day wore on I didn’t feel awful, exactly. But just ok…on the verge of ill. Like if I pushed myself too far the minor crud I was carrying around would blossom full-bore, and have a blast taking me out for a few days. So I couldn’t get as excited about the show, thinking “it’s just too damned late”. And “I’ll feel like death warmed over in the morning”. So I punked out. And not in any good sense of the word. I went home, hung out with my boys for a bit, and fell asleep by 9 or 10. Ted Leo didn’t take the stage until a couple of hours after that…around 11:30 or so, from what I hear. The morning after I was bummed. But naturally I couldn’t be left to wallow in my misery and regret all alone. Oh no. A co-worker had gone to the show. A couple of weeks ago he didn’t know who Ted Leo was. But I took care of that. After listening to me endlessly extol the virtues of Ted Leo he’d picked up a few CDs, caught the Conan O’Brien appearance (which I slept through) and become a huge fan. So upon my arrival to work he asked “what the hell happened to you?” When I gave him my meager excuses he gave me something in return. The L for “Loser” hand sign. So now the past couple of days have felt like a couple of years…as the converted preaches to the converter. Seems like he’s come up with some new nugget every couple of hours, minutiae to back up his over-arching theme of how incredible the show was…and how much I missed out. So have I learned to keep my yap shut about shows? Naw. You see, Sondre Lerche is playing in town Saturday