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Happy Birthday To J

Yep, today is my darling’s birthday. Happy Birthday!
Though, as he likes to point out, I will always be older than he is. This is especially apparent when we play Lost Cities. When reading the rules of play J found that the opening turn is always “awarded” to the eldest player. Since it’s been just the two of us playing, that is always me. Even when the little man is old enough to play, it will still be me. Oh well. Those wacky Germans. And speaking of the little man, he kicked J’s birthday off to a fine start…by crawling into bed with us at 5:30am, and completely taking over my side of the bed. So I scooted J over to the other edge before finding myself thoroughly wedged in between my boys (who happen to produce an overabundance of heat). As J threw one arm around me, the little man tried to do the same…but wound up leaving one hand hanging on to my left ear, and his other hand covering my right eye. And so it was for most of an hour. Still, as awkward as it was, it was cozy. And it would have been nice to remain there for a while longer. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight: dinner at the restaurant of J’s choice, followed by birthday cake.