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Put Rice In Your Soul

I needed a little pick-me-up this afternoon…so what could be better than listening to the album “fuck you this is rice” by the band Rice. Uh-huh, a hardcore parody band called Rice making songs all about, yep, rice. My favorite is “Grain of Strength”:
2 cups of water one cup of rice
is this how much you measure your life’s worth?
the grain of strength is upon you
I wonder what the Chain of Strength boys think of it. Wherever they are now. There should be some sort of Behind the Music for hardcore and punk bands. Though it would have to be all diy and low-budget. There would be some semblance of a collective…but some rich kid would really be in charge, just because he could afford to be. He and his friends would go road-tripping all around the country, and fly to Sweden a couple of times. Using his daddy’s digital video camera to interview the “sell-outs” who dropped out of the scene, or were only true ’til 21. But I digress. And I tease because I love. Honest.