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Evergreen, Evermore

Last night we dined at a new Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant that’s sure to be making our regular rotation. There’s hardly any mention of it online yet…just one brief review. But I thought a little more of it than the Strib’s reviewer. It’s not all-vegetarian/vegan, but the next best thing. The owners are extremely veg*n-friendly. In addition to having numerous veg*n items on the menu, they prepare and cook veg*n dishes seperately from the meat dishes. And they have vegan eggrolls! I know, it sounds like an oxymoron. But the owners have found egg roll wrappers that contain no eggs. On the menu they are called vegetarian rolls. Mmmm, greasy goodness. They also have a number of Taiwanese noodle dishes. And oodles of mock meat products, in addition to the standard tofu and mock duck dishes. I tried the imitation chicken with broccoli in white gravy. It was tasty, but next time I think I’ll sample the sweet and sour imitation chicken or imitation pork…which some of our dining companions had ordered, and I was admiring from afar. Noticed they’ve also got some decent lunch specials, and, yay for me, it’s close enough to my office that I can make the trek every now and again. Oh happy day.