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Monthly Archives: February 2003

Technical Difficulties

//Begin broadcast Just an fyi…my gracious host is having some unfortunate technical difficulties. Yesterday the server was down for several hours (a rare occurence). And today I’ve had trouble posting. Received some error message about disk space when I tried saving my file. Had to delete an entire directory of photos before I could [...]

Groovy Androgyny

My friend’s daughter turns four today. The little man and I will be attending her birthday party this evening. So last night I swung by Creative Kidstuff on the way home from work, hoping to find a cool gift. But I wasn’t sure what to get her. When I first met her she was [...]

Maracas And More

There are too many good shows coming up. Back in the day this wasn’t considered to be much of a problem. It was seen as something of a boon, and looked upon with glee. But these days I am queen of the homebodies. Ok, maybe just viscountess. Whose evenings are now ruled by the [...]

Where The Trekkies Get Take-out

We wish Francois the best. Really we do. But since he sold his restaurant last Fall, we’ve been left with an unfillable void. The other restaurants around town just haven’t got what it takes. If the food is all right, it’s likely overpriced. Or the restaurant is a little too far away (not that [...]

The Backstory

The first Animatrix installment, “The Second Rennaissance - Part 1″, launched yesterday. According to imdb: ‘The Animatrix is a collection of several animated short films, detailing the backstory of the “Matrix” universe, and the original war between man and machines which led to the creation of the Matrix.’ It looks interesting. J watched it [...]

Show And Tell

It’s been a strange week, all-around. The mice, or one mouse (please please, let it be just one) returned to our house…after a nearly two year absence. The cats promptly killed the poor thing. And J promptly disposed of it. Ew. Speaking of J…he has been under the weather all week. And this wacky [...]

And Another Thing

No, I’m not drunk. Just remembering something that amused me earlier. From a list I’m on. Another list member was apologizing…for a spelling error they’d made in a previous post. And as an aside he mentioned this: P.P.S. Google’s spelling correction is getting pretty powerful. I typed “alyssa milano” and it responded “Did you [...]

Brain Freeze

Meant to post these photos last week. (Of my frozen-and-poorly-insulated-yet-pretty windows.) Meant to do a lot of things last week. Can’t recall any of them at the moment. It was a long, long day. A day that broke me. And my brain. My cat’s breath smells like cat food. Too. Tired. To. Think. Nigh [...]

A Slushy Adventure, From Start To Finish

I like to feel somewhat prepared Sunday evenings…so that Monday mornings aren’t quite so dreadful. Last night I was feeling like I was on top of things. The lunches were packed. Clean clothes laid out. Cell phone and camera batteries were recharged. But I’d failed to take mother nature into account. I remember thinking [...]

Borrowed Balls

It was yet another good day. More lounging was done. And sledding (on slush) in the backyard. Naturally the snow didn’t start coming down until after we’d finished…but it worked well enough. In the afternoon the little man was slated to have a visit with his Dad. So J and I made good use [...]