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Maracas And More

There are too many good shows coming up. Back in the day this wasn’t considered to be much of a problem. It was seen as something of a boon, and looked upon with glee. But these days I am queen of the homebodies. Ok, maybe just viscountess. Whose evenings are now ruled by the Monkey Overlord (who is currently dancing in the doorway, demanding that I put my slippers on and go downstairs with him). But we have a good time. So it’s all good. Really. But I would like to get out to see a few of these bands. Ok, let’s not push my luck. Maybe a couple. All right, all right. How about one show? Please, monkey, please? But there are so many to choose from. And they don’t even conflict with Buffy. Ladytron and Sondre Lerche are coming to town on March 1st. Unfortunately not on the same bill. The Sea and Cake plays March 5th. Bettie Serveert on April 5th. But I think I’m most excited about Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, on February 24th. I started listening to Chisel a little after the fact…but enjoy them immensely (especially “Set You Free“). And Ted Leo with the Pharmacists is even better. So I’d like to see them before they break up too. I just read a glowing review of the new album, “Hearts of Oak” (by a self-described drooling fanboy). Need to pick that up. And last but not least, Godspeed! You Black Emperor is playing March 19th. A show that I, perhaps somewhat optimisically, have already purchased tickets to. So I guess we’ll see how this all plays out, so to speak.