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The Worlds of Other Choices

Well, that didn’t take long. We didn’t even have time to adjust to our new living situation. The roommate moved in toward the end of July, has spent most of his nights elsewhere, and just informed me he’s moving out by September 1st. It’s probably for the best that my ATP trip is off. I would have been counting on the rental income to cover it. And I’m barely keeping up with the bills as is. Ahh, yes, the vicious stress loop shall continue.

At least I’ve got some free or cheap stay-cation (gah, hate that word) options for next month. Low is playing a free show outside, at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. I swear there are other interesting goings on going on then, but memory fails me, as it often does. Anyone else?

Up a tree

Bonus: Hey, I already can cook tofu like a pro! But still, I’ll give this method a shot.
Plus: Love the Walker, really, but are they running out of ideas for their free family program? Performance: Flexing Force. Watch as local bodybuilders, Laurey Heinrich, Michelle Soldo, and Ponce Saysomphou show off their muscles. Umm, weird.
And:Did You Even Notice The Popped Collars? Yeah, Didn’t Think So.”

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