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Jet Set Junta

What a strange week. I retreated from the world a bit and took shelter in the comfort of routine. Wake up / make breakfast & coffee / pack lunches / drive to school bus stop / drive to work / drive to school bus stop / head home / make dinner / homework / bed bed bed. Not terribly exciting, true, but much-needed downtime in preparation for the crazy week ahead. Not that one can really bank sleep and rest but it doesn’t hurt to try. Deviations from the quiet this past week, though, included a tornado touchdown in the city and hanging out with a potential roommate replacement. This time one who could be a really good fit and who I already feel exceedingly comfortable with…as I worked with his identical twin.

All the time at home has led to loads of cooking, which I enjoy. Been making my usuals - Lebanese green bean stew, easy fruit crisp, zucchini bread, potato leek soup. And a few new ones. Summer vegetable latkes and, today, a variation of this rice noodle salad. If only my son enjoyed or would try more of these recipes (of the non-dessert variety).

Megan is a good/bad influence. She, combined with this site she pointed out, make me want to drink choffy. Guess I’m susceptible and all. But I could easily whip up some of the tasty brew in my French press of my Chemex coffeemaker. Thinking I’ll wait until Fall though. Sweater weather = cocoa weather.

miniature leeks, from Jackson Hollow CSA

Bonus: All week I’ve been listening to The Monochrome Set. And yes, I do have quite the crush on a young Bid. One that rivals my Ray Davies crush even.
Plus: A real live Candyland on Lombard Street.
And: So much strange goodness at Your Daily Cartoon…I don’t know where to begin.

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