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Outshining the Fainter Meteors

I had a stellar weekend. But one in which I was constantly confronted with evidence…that my son is growing up. He’s changing. Transforming. My little boy is disappearing and being replaced by something other. Sometime this past Spring a switch was flipped and he can now stay up late and has started sleeping in. A boon, to be sure, except for weekday mornings when we have a school bus to meet. My human alarm clock may be gone but I have one helluva companion. And the inner workings of his mind are fascinating. Recently, before going to bed, he sleepily said to me “nothing comes out of your mouth, except for power.” Excellent. Then Friday night he was talking excitedly about our future plans, to attend San Diego Comic Con next summer. And it occurred to him that our friend Adam should join us. And acquire a Robin costume. To dress up as Robin to his Batman. Ha!

Other Friday night fun can be seen here. And Saturday night in the suburbs, with mini golf, bumper boats and Space Aliens Bar & Grill. The boy wants to do that all over again next Saturday, of course but we’ll be busy hitting up the “Great Minnesota Get Together” instead. Yesterday we didn’t leave the house and I was a-ok with that. Spent the day working on the yard and, in the evening, grilling up more of our CSA veggies. Speaking of, recently there have been several locavore articles in various newspapers and blogs. This old-fangled idea seems to be catching on.

she's got a ticket to ride

Bonus: The Raincoats will be playing a few U.S. dates in October. I’m most tempted to catch them in NYC, especially since I’m skipping ATP NY this year. Hmm.
Plus: Love this. Nick Cave reads from The Death of Bunny Munro.
And: True Blood art history shout out! Pretty neat. I’ve always thought production design, for teevee and movies, would be fun.


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    Your boy’s growing up so fast!

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