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Go Forward, Move Ahead

The first snowstorm of the season on Sunday was beautiful. But was followed by a cold snap Monday. Which left us with icy rutted roads and brutally slow stop and go crawling commutes. Making me question the wisdom of driving a car with manual transmission. And the wisdom of remaining in Minnesota. But before the blizzarding the lad and I enjoyed the Union Depot grand re-opening on Saturday (one of my tweets about it wound up in L’etoile’s LOL/OMG Weekend Twitterings). And Saturday night I enjoyed a very different sort of event. My ears are still bleeding (not really). And Sunday was a lovely lazy day around the house with both the little man and my boyfriend.

Five strange and/or wonderful things:

Let the countdown begin! Less than two weeks to go until the boy’s winter break from school. And the holidaze. We’ve just now figured out our plan of attack when it comes to seeing my family, the boyfriend’s family and having my son spend time with my ex-husband’s family (key words: lots of driving around the metro). But I haven’t yet sorted out New Year’s Eve! I’d like to keep our annual hotel-room-with-pool tradition alive. Hrrrmmmm.

Transitional Species, with Paul Metzger

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