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I Wish I Had An Evil Twin

It seems I am prone to mischief without the husband around (well, he’s here, but asleep) to act as my voice of reason. Take tonight, for instance. First the little man and I dined on tofu dogs and potato chips. Afterwards I further negated any positive effects of my daily walks…by spontaneously whipping up a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. While creaming the sugar and margarine I noticed my right wrist beginning to ache. My first thought…”oh no, not my Scrabble hand” (ah, my many vices). Seems the little man has inherited my love of cookie dough as well. He hovered, licking the spoon (after I was finished with it) while begging for chunks of cookie dough. We ate more of the stuff than we did baked cookies, and now I feel ill. That’ll learn me. Hopefully. In other news…what would I do without Pitchfork? Today they revealed that The Magnetic Fields will be playing town the night before my birthday. They’ll also be playing Chicago on my birthday, and for two nights afterwards. And that’s on a weekend. I would love to take an extra special birthday road trip to Shy Town, but I doubt the finances (or the husband) will be in favor of it.

my evil twin?