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I Have Strong Feelings About Ambivalence

Feeling especially moody (in the disheartened, bitter, and burned out sense) this evening. Trying to reverse this downward spiral by focusing on the small stuff…things that can make me happy, or at least smile a bit.
I love this lone bike photo (and many of the other photos, especially those taken with the Great Wall camera).
Maganda is always a pleasure, but especially her Good Things, Illustrated Edition.
Been listening to The Beatles’ White Album, for the first time in ages, and trying to decide if I prefer their version of Long, Long, Long…or Low’s. Listening to both over and over again in an effort to decide…or blur the lines even more.
It’s sad that Princess Julianna (of the Netherlands) has passed away, but it sounds like she was one heckuva lady. Reading about her long and interesting life was cheering.
Looking forward to the next photo project…Q&A, the photographic interview (20 questions, and your 20 photographic answers).
Maggie often makes me laugh, especially when she’s mocking celebrities.
Rosa, the Brazilian dollmaker and hipmama, makes me wish I could speak Portugese…but I’ll settle for ogling her creations.
Then there’s the little man, of course. The other night he was taking a bath. He’d been in the old clawfoot for some time when I checked in, asking if he was ready to get out. He replied, in a slightly condescending tone, “I’m still working, mom”. I hadn’t realized baths were such hard work…for him. A minute later he started giggling like mad, and never clued me in to what was so funny.