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Moon Rabbit Brand

When I came home from work last night I discovered that the husband had, uncharacteristically, gone shopping while I was away. I walked into the kitchen to find…one hundred pounds of rice. It just seems so absurd. We go through a lot of rice, but one hundred pounds? All at once? True, the co-op doesn’t have everything we need in the quantities we desire. There a dinky one pound bag of rice costs $3 or more. The husband went elsewhere to procure the fifty pound bags of rice…for just $20 each. I guess bigger can be better. And, hey, if the neighborhood experiences any flooding this Spring we can protect our property with our giant rice bags. In other food related news, enjoy some brilliant banana info from the Japan Banana Council or somesuch:
The pamphlet then takes a moment to proudly declare that “Sugar Spots” are the black, freckle-like markings on bananas which act as “barometers of sweetness”.
Mmmmm, sweet.

moon rabbit brand