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Atmospheric Whimper

I should be in bed. About 24 hours ago I was up hurling. Got that whole stomach flu thang going on. Again. But I’m hoping to miraculously be well again by morning. Or midafternoon at least. As we’ve got company coming for New Year’s Eve. We’ve been shockingly social lately. Friday night we had friends over. Did our gift exchange (I love my new limited edition Hellboy watch) and played UNO, Simpsons style. Saturday I had friends in town from Chicago, who wound up crashing here for the weekend. They were up for the Thrash Fest, which I skipped. But it was good to see them. They played with the little man and hung out. They went to the co-op with us, and I was able to get J to make them his yummy chocolate chip cookies *and* his fabulous french toast. They, in turn, brought their Lord of the Rings platinum edition DVD box set. J and I watched the movie, with extra scenes, Saturday night while they were out. And Sunday night we started watching the documentary footage (six hours worth). So again, I stayed up too late. Three nights in a row. Which contributed greatly, I’m sure, to my uber-illness. Sunday the little man and I hung out at the coffee shop with the girls. It was really pleasant. The monkey was shockingly well-behaved. This could be the dawn of a new era, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Then yesterday I got up super early for a shopping spree with another friend. It was the first time we’d been able to coordinate it, well, ever. So I couldn’t back out. I’m glad I went, though it was likely foolish…as I wound up in bed by 8pm with a fever. But it was fun. We headed to Minneapolis, which was totally deserted. The stores were all empty, except for us. As was Cafe Brenda…where we had lunch. And the Tea Garden…where I got a yummy spicy soy chai latte with tapioca pearls. And the Lava Lounge…where I fell in love with a pair of $98 pants (with a 28″ inseam, yes, I am short) that I am still pining away for. I could never justify blowing that kinda cash on a single item. But the pants. Oh the pants. I’ll have to go back and photograph them at least. Sigh.