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The past several days have been equal parts elation and exhaustion. Too much to document thoroughly. Instead I’ll resort to a sloppy stream of consciousness style. You have my apologies.
the good:
chocolate almond midnight cake
the little man’s penchant for hugging and cuddling
dance dance revolution
invader zim
august moon
sigur ros
weekend partying ’til 2am, with anarchist librarians
a newly rebuilt home computer that doesn’t constantly crash (yet)
a new haircolor and cut
foosball follies
the bad:
an unanticipated hospital visit (for a family member)
the end of AMA at the Riverview
indeterminate deadlines
the little man’s penchant for flying dropkicks
our ancient oven’s failure to close completely
a new haircolor and cut (after the first washing, it will never again look like it did at the salon)
the ugly:
home heating and plumbing problems