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Jolly Boots Of Doom

So I decided against going to see Solaris. Did take care of the errands, as intended, and retrieved the little man a little early. Which was a good thing…for the most part. We’ve had a pleasant enough evening. The low point was when he was chasing after a ball and slid face-first into the buffet. Ouch. Much hugging, rocking, and a little bit of the Powerpuff Girls (which he calls the Parkerpuff Girls) and things were mostly all better. The high point was when he started belting out his showtune style holiday medley…which he must have picked up at preschool. It took me a while to figure out just what he was singing. His version of Jingle Bells comes out as “JeeMoMi JeeMoMi JeeMoMi….Heyyyy!” and quickly glides into “You Bettah Wahouh” before colliding with a rendition of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” that I couldn’t even begin to transcribe. Going along with this holiday spirit (despite the fact that we’re not Christians) we watched the Invader Zim “Most Horrible X-Mas Ever” special…which was entertaining, but nowhere near the quality of the previous episodes. Who can blame them, though. It was the last episode they ever made. So sad. Anyhow…after that I wrapped the remaining gifts in need of wrapping. Every year I say to myself “self, you aren’t going to get sucked into this consumerism b.s. and go off buying everyone gifts” and every year I manage to fail a little more spectacularly. You see, I enjoy giving gifts to people I like. So then I think, hey, I’ll *make* everyone’s gifts. But then I realize I have a limited amount of time, and my skills are limited to making mix tapes. So then it turns into, “well, at least I’ll only buy gifts from locally owned businesses and/or directly from artists themselves”. Which I did. A lot of. Except for that one bizarro impulse gift. I was at TJ Maxx. I sometimes go there for wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. because their offerings are that lovely combination of lower price + better quality. So I was on my lunch break and needing to get back to the office…but decided to cruise through the toy section, just for the heckuvit. And this one item caught my eye. For some time now the little man has been happily playing with our real teapot at home, and the toy tea set at preschool. So why not move him up to a fully-functioning coffee maker? It says for ages 3 and up, I kid you not. The strangest thing is…I think he’ll love it.