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Always in the Dark

Generally I pride myself on being in the loop, but this week a few tidbits took me by surprise. I’ll just roll some of them into Five Good Things for Friday:

  • Low’s new album, Double Negative, was released today. I knew all about that. But I missed this morsel about a private in-store performance this evening at Electric Fetus. Thankfully a friend gave me the heads up and I will be attending. Bonus: a lovely interview with Alan about life and boxing.
  • In our brave new world I don’t want to get sucked into “amusing ourselves to death” mode - as easy as that is to do - but I can no longer put myself in the path of the daily news either. It’s too much. Drinking from a fire hose. I take in dribs and drabs. Thankfully we have Reply All to catch us up on the highlights. I’d entirely missed the Alex Jones Dramageddon and just wow. That was one fantastic podcast episode.
  • I’m a huge Philip Pullman fan but had didn’t hear about the remake of His Dark Materials until this week. And I found out in a funny way. The film didn’t get it quite right (the books were better, of course). I’m more hopeful about this new series. And HBO has enough faith in it to give them a second season before the first one has even aired.
  • Apparently this lady’s video went viral, of her covering Missy Elliott. Didn’t see that but I did catch this bit of her on Ellen recently. I was impressed by Mary’s composure when Missy Elliott joined her on stage. I would’ve melted into a fangirl mess.
  • This one is way after the fact but this time I am up on the news about it: Archaeologists just found the oldest drawing. It’s a 70,000-year-old hashtag. Neat.

Busy weekend ahead! City Pages has a decent roundup. Dog meet-ups, rummage sales, festivals on Eat Street and the West Bank: 60 free things to do this weekend. Since it’s my son’s birthday tomorrow I’ll let him pick and choose which ones to prioritize but I do know the Twin Cities Veg Fest is at the top of the list.

Retribution Gospel Choir

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  1. Heather wrote:

    I’m so excited about the new His Dark Materials series, but upset because of course it’s on HBO. It seems like anytime I get excited about something it ends up being HBO or Showtime. I’m So glad Good Omens is going to be BBC!

    I liked The Golden Compass movie, but you’re right about them not getting it completely right. I was especially upset with the ending and everyone who hadn’t read the books thinking everything was so perfect and happy now, when if they had kept going another few moments they would have known the real truth. I was so devastated the first time I read the book.

    Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 9:56 am | Permalink

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