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Turns out I need an International Driving Permit in Italy. Thankfully the paperwork was simple and I just needed to drop by a nearby AAA branch office. Now to figure out how to actually drive in Italy, so I’m prepared when I pick up my rental. Eep.

Trip planning is in full swing. Sure, it’s been a process for months now. And all the most critical details are taken care of. But I’m working through the secondary bits now. Downloading local apps to my phone. Prioritizing which restaurants to check out. Figuring out what there is to do in Dublin on a Monday. I had hoped to check out this Trauma exhibit but the timing doesn’t quite work out. Perhaps that’s for the best. Instead I’m debating whether to take a day trip to somewhere like the Hill of Tara or to stay in Dublin proper. My time is limited so I may just stay in town. I am planning to check out the 360 view from the bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse, and get lots of good long walks in.

While I have the privilege to travel - with my American passport and my Anglo-sounding name (from my father’s adoptive parents) - I often feel twinges of guilt. Especially when I learned about this: Several artists blocked from attending Twin Cities Arab Film Festival. This is so very frustrating and unfair. But please, do join us at the Film Fest, especially to celebrate the artists who are unable to join us.

International Driving Permit

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