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Monthly Archives: March 2006

The Stars Are Projectors

Still on my Farscape kick, aided and abetted by Netflix. Last night I watched the most recent disc and boy howdy. There was your standard plot where the beefcake main character has to pretend to be someone and something he is not. And I must say, Ben Browder does a painfully bad Australian (British?) [...]

She’s Rocking Up A Rage

I made an attempt to get the menfolk out of the house, because it is so crazy warm out there today, but the menfolk, they aren’t having it. The little man did change into shorts and a t-shirt, but strictly for indoor purposes only. Probably for the best. There’s some sort of air quality [...]

Concepts Related To Inverse Surveillance

We leave for Iceland one week from Friday. The little man’s passport showed up a couple of weeks ago, but the husband hasn’t gotten his back just yet. I was supposed to remind him to call about it on Monday, but I failed to do so. So yesterday morning I pulled a large piece [...]

Interrupted By The Reality Principle

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Chicago. This summer seems like as good a time as any for a visit. Especially since Pitchfork just launched the site for their second music fest. Ted Leo, Mountain Goats, Mission of Burma and more. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, it’s a music fest. [...]

The Moments Of Failure Are Important Too

Since 2002 I’ve made half a dozen attempts at redesigning this site and have scrapped them all. This morning I was oddly motivated to try again. Let’s hope this effort isn’t doomed as well. If I pull it off this time it will mean squeaky clean CSS, permalinks, comments, RSS feeds, and more. But [...]

Beauty In The Banal

Like Milk and Cake’s Thursday, my Friday was ridculously productive. Ran oodles of errands. Among them…picked up some disposable contact lenses from the eye doc (for swimming/working out), bought my MiL a birthday present, and finally had my danged lobes stretched. And in the afternoon I took the little man to his first swimming [...]

Seeing Is Believing

I’m in Mistress-of-the-Obvious-Mode…but whoa, it’s March. How’d that happen? And how the hell did I just manage to overwrite my January 2006 archives? I’m such a freaking genius. Hopefully that can be recovered from a backup (my fingers are crossed). Anyhow, we’ve got an incredibly busy weekend coming up, and I refuse to punk [...]