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I’ve Got To Be Able To Kick And Stretch

Yesterday was a mixed bag. Crappy morning followed by a cranky day, but capped off with a big finish. The lovely Zophia and I met up at Muddy Paws for a little pre-show cheesecake. There we discussed some plans for the summer of ‘07, when I get to be “one of her girls” - not brothel-style, silly, but in her wedding. In Italy! Yay! So looking forward to that. Then it was on to First Avenue to be mesmerized by our favorite chanteuse, Ms. Neko Case. Overall the show was fabulous and over far too quickly, but man was it ever jam-packed (I blame The Current). At one point I wound up stuck in some dude’s armpit. I squirmed my way out only to have him elbow me repeatedly in the boob while he was swigging his beer. Finally I pushed him away, but it was so crowded I only managed to move him about an inch. Thankfully he got the hint.
Bonus: Earlier in the evening I’d settled down with the little man to watch a bit of The Sound of Music, at his request. I told him “You know, I haven’t seen this movie since I was a little kid.” He very seriously replied, “me neither.” Umm, he’d never seen it before, and that only made it funnier.
Plus: I’ve only heard a little of this, but I liked what I heard and the name alone makes me oddly happy - I give you Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra.
And: In other music news, I’m stoked that Seu Jorge is coming back here this summer. I missed his show last Fall, because it was the same week as Andrew Bird and I was just feeling generally unwell. So hurray for second chances!

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